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Springtime In a Bottle: The Making of St‑Germain


St‑Germain is a French elderflower liqueur used by bartenders across the world for its naturally versatile and bright fresh floral flavour.

Named in homage to Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the iconic district in Paris known for centuries as an epicenter of free-thinking and artistic expression, St‑Germain was created by third-generation distiller Rob Cooper who was inspired by the unique flavour of the elderflower. Partnering with cutting edge mixologists he crafted a liqueur that was made to mix for bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts alike. St‑Germain is made in France using the French savoir-faire of our master liqueurist and master of botanicals, a duo with decades of experience in liqueur making.

Today St‑Germain is inspiring cocktail hours everywhere, be it teaching your old fashioned new tricks, bringing a fresher take to your margarita or simply sipping on our classic St‑Germain Spritz! The possibilities are endless….

St‑Germain brings a dash of ‘Je-ne-sais-quoi’ to make your cocktail bloom and turn every sip into a moment worth savouring.

How is St‑Germain made?

St‑Germain owes its unique flavor to the curious white flowers of the elderflower tree. Each bottle contains the refreshing essence of up to 1,000 fresh elderflowers, each bursting with a fresh, natural sweetness and hints of honeysuckle and pear. These small but mighty wild flowers bloom in spring, typically late May, and are harvested by hand during the fleeting three to four-week period that follows, when their flavour and aroma are at their peak.

From the moment the flowers are picked it’s a race against time to capture the natural freshness of the elderflowers. The elderflowers are handpicked usually early in the morning, when temperature is cooler. This ensures the flowers are just opening and the aroma and flavour of the blossoms are at their peak. The process is a labor of love and delicate precision, as only the highest quality blossoms will find their way into a bottle of St‑Germain.

No matter your cocktail of choice, St‑Germain brings a dash of ‘Je-ne-sais-quoi’ to make your cocktail bloom and turn every sip into a moment worth savouring.