ABOUT St‑Germain



St‑Germain is a French liqueur made with fresh elderflowers, handpicked in full bloom every spring. Up to one thousand carefully selected flowers to fill every bottle! The result: a finely crafted, perfectly balanced liqueur that leaves a lasting memory.

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Our Founder, third-generation distiller Robert J. Cooper, launched St‑Germain, the world’s first elderflower liqueur in 2007. Inspired by Paris and its iconic quarter St‑Germain‑des‑Prés, St‑Germain sets a precedent as a modern liqueur made for cocktails, and perfect for the aperitif. Its versatility makes it a great tool for the world’s best bartenders and a must have in your home bar.

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How Is St‑Germain Made?

From Blossom to Bottle

The making of St‑Germain is a race against time as the harvesting season of elderflowers only lasts for a few weeks in late Spring. Learn how we capture their essence and discover the secrets of our savoir-faire.

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A Dash of Fresh Elderflowers

The wild, natural sweetness of fresh, handpicked elderflowers gives St Germain a transformative flavour; indulgent, yet delicate with a fresh natural sweetness and notes of pear and honeysuckle. Brilliant in a Spritz, or why not add a dash of ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your favorite cocktail, gin & tonic or sparkling wine?

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How do you drink St‑Germain?

St‑Germain works well in a variety of cocktails, including the classic St‑Germain Spritz. Bartenders love our elderflower liqueur for its versatility and its ability to elevate any cocktail whether it’s a Gin & Tonic, Margarita, or even an Old Fashioned.

Is St‑Germain Natural?

St‑Germain is made using a natural infusion of hand-picked elderflowers. St‑Germain gets its signature golden hue from pollen and contains no artificial coloring or flavoring.

Is St‑Germain Gluten Free?

Oui! St‑Germain is Gluten Free.

Where does the name St‑Germain come from?

The name St‑Germain is a tip of the proverbial hat to the historic Parisian cultural district of St‑Germain‑des‑Prés made famous by the literary icons and artists who lived and worked there during the Belle Époque. The bottle’s design is an elegant testament to the Art Deco movement of the same period.

Where can I buy St‑Germain liqueur?

St‑Germain is sold in premium wine and liquor stores and “épiceries fines”, as well as online through various retailers.