YOU ARE READING Planning the Perfect Autumn Fêtes


Planning the Perfect Autumn Fêtes

Autumn–the season of love, thanks, and enchanting gatherings. With the changing seasons comes a golden opportunity to embrace the warmth of camaraderie, the rich flavors of the harvest, and the allure of nature’s transformation with your closest amis.

We’re giving you our best tips for the ultimate Autumn soirée. Cheers!

Location, Location, Location

Set the stage for your picnic: choose a location that matches your ambiance. Whether it’s an elegant garden party in your own backyard or an enchanting night beneath the stars at your beloved rooftop bar, your chosen venue establishes the atmosphere of your event, so choose wisely!

Select a Theme

Who doesn’t love a theme party? Give your guests a reason to dress to the part.

Barbie theme? Expect to see plenty of Kens channeling their inner “My job is just…beach” vibes.

Halloween party? Break out the pumpkins. Your theme will influence your decor, food, and attire, so choose one that resonates with your guests and the ambiance you want to create.

Build an Exceptional Guest List

Let’s not get too bogged down with the details of what and where. What truly matters is the company. After all, it’s the people you surround yourself with that turn a simple get together into a joyous celebration. Each guest you invite should add to the merriment, bringing their unique personalities and perspectives to create a wonderful atmosphere. St‑Germain is all about fun and approachability, and our festivities always reflect that spirit, making it a delightful gathering where everyone can come together in celebration.

Don’t Forget the Signature Cocktail

Dubbed the drink of 2023, the St‑Germain Hugo Spritz is an undeniable way to spritz up your soirée. The refreshing cocktail can be savored all year long, serving as a delicious daytime cocktail or aperitif. With its refreshing blend of elderflower liqueur, sparkling prosecco, and zesty lime, the Hugo Spritz makes for the perfect signature drink to elevate your party.

Toast to a summer well spent, and craft your own St‑Germain Hugo Spritz:


1 1/2 oz / 45 ml St‑Germain
2 oz / 60 ml Martini Prosecco
2 oz / 60 ml Soda Water
8-10 Mint Leaves
Lime Wedge For Garnish
Mint Sprig For Garnish


Add ice into a wine glass.
Pour in St‑Germain and add approximately eight mint leaves.
Top with sparkling wine and soda water.
Stir the drink to combine all of the ingredients.
Garnish with a mint sprig and lime wedge.

Remember the Essentials for Your Outdoor Fêtes

For those in the U.S., elevate your fall picnic even further with our June Ambrose Avant Garden Party Kit, A collection of delightfully eclectic essentials that can effortlessly transform any get-together into a chic garden celebration. Each piece has been selected by June herself, emblematic of her fearless and award-winning style.

These tips are sure to create a memorable soirée. Fingers crossed that we find ourselves on your guest list.

Planning for another occasion? We’ve got you covered for any time of the year: check out or Pinterest for inspo. Cheers!