Filling your space with nature is a wonderful way to treat yourself and an endless source of creative inspiration. That’s an ethos that Ryan Norville, florist and founder of Oat Cinnamon Studio, lives by. “Being around that beauty every single day is astounding,” she says of her role as head of the botanically-led New York design studio.

Spending time talking with us today and walking us through her tips for creating seasonal bouquets, Ryan explains how simple designs and floral arrangements can easily be used to re-energize your mood and your creative flow: “They don’t have to be the most expensive flowers or the most complex to make an impact on your energy.”

Take a leaf out of Ryan’s book by recreating one of the following seasonal-inspired bouquets at home, which we’ve paired with four takes on the St‑Germain Spritz, each tweaked to complement the passing seasons.


Around us the scenery is changing; leaves turn to copper and gold while we become more grounded after the highs of summer. Ryan reflects this with her choice of warm dahlias, marigolds (which are a gorgeous garnish for the St‑Germain Spritz), and fall fruits like citruses, apples, berries or pumpkins nestled into a floral arrangement. “The things that led me here were those orange tones and a foraged feeling,” she explains.

Recreating this fall-inspired bouquet at home will need some experimentation. Ryan encourages you to explore what you have around you while the weather’s balanced and the plants are more low maintenance. Match that energy with our Classic St‑Germain Spritz garnished with playful finishes like lemon twists and marigolds.


Winter makes Ryan think of snowy days spent with loved ones, most likely making her Great Grandma’s sweet potato pie which her family shares at Christmas. Ryan wants this bouquet to reflect a snowscape, so she’s chosen the jewel-like ranunculus as her hero flower, mixed with evergreen stems like pine or fern, which feel “very Christmassy”, are available seasonally and will last.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate festive favorites like berries and citrus, Ryan says. We took that advice over to the St‑Germain Spritz for this season too, adding a dehydrated orange slice and star anise. And how does our floral expert keep her bouquets looking fresh? “Keep your arrangement away from heaters or candles!”


“Spring is the florist’s season,” Ryan says excitedly. “Things really start to feel hopeful”. Growing up in New York, Ryan remembers tulips starting to fill the parks across the city, including her favorite spot, the Bronx Botanical Gardens, in mid-March.

They mark the changing of the seasons, the florist explains, and had to make an appearance for this bouquet, alongside delicate, cup-shaped anemones, fragrant silver dollar eucalyptus and frilly cosmos. Ryan encourages you to go for anything “that has that meadow-like, fresh feeling.”

This doesn’t end with the flowers. The light, refreshing medley of elderflower, mint and lime in the St‑Germain Hugo cocktail will leave you reinvigorated, re-inspired and ready for the fun of spring’s longer days.


Norville describes this arrangement as a “burst of energy”, fitting for the long, heady days of summer. The joyful combination of peachy peonies, playful hydrangeas, dahlias and ranunculus reminds Ryan of “cotton candy skies and summer sunsets”.

For Ryan, those warm, hazy pink tones represent “Total happiness and indulging in a little bit of luxury.” They’re also the perfect pairing to the St‑Germain Rosé Spritz, where sparkling wine is swapped for Rosé. Try adding a grapefruit slice and a colorful edible flower to elevate any summer event!